Corporate Profile
Trinidad Oil & Gas is a domestic crude oil and natural gas exploration and production company, specializing in well re-entry projects where proven reserves exist. This strategy eliminates the time and risks of drilling new wells with unknown potential.

Our specialty is the small or moderate operations (usually 1-50 well projects). These can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue but require more hands-on attention than the major producers are willing to give. The small to medium sized well projects acquired by Trinidad are or can quickly be brought into production. Life expectancy of these wells can exceed 10 years or more, producing millions of dollars in revenue.

Surging energy prices and the accelerating demand for reliable domestic fuel sources make this an excellent time for the expansion, growth and success of Trinidad Oil & Gas.  With our competitive advantages, efficient operations and experienced management team we have structured the company to be profitable with oil prices as low as $20 per barrel.