Jerry D Witte
Jerry brings 25 years of experience in Geology to our company. His diverse background in geophysics, geochemistry, reservoir mapping, economics and math brings a host of skills to the table. He has an innovative focus on developing and executing computer based mapping combined with risk reduction technology, in order to expedite and optimize development of new reserves and enhancing the recovery factor of pre-existing, undeveloped oil and gas.

He is an expert in using new proprietary production mapping technique CASVX to exploit shallow oil reservoirs, automated extraction units, cased hole lateral drilling, nitrogen flood, alkaline surfactant and polymer flood.

Whether President or technical scientist in a publicly traded company, Jerry is an expert in Risk Reduction Technologies (RRT) in conjunction with detailed mapping techniques, thereby using cutting edge technology combined with traditional exploration methodology. He has also conducted intensive research into the science behind earth responses, and risk reduction tools.

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